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Moving Team Six, Phoenix’s premier moving and storage solution, sets itself apart in the industry with a unique commitment to veterans and a strong connection to military service. As a trusted moving partner, the company not only assists veterans in their relocations but also actively employs them and participates in impactful fundraising initiatives. The name “Moving Team Six” pays tribute to Seal Team Six, showcasing the company’s unwavering dedication to those who have selflessly served the nation.
The Lee family and their skilled team uphold core values of honesty, faith, trust, and a relentless commitment to excellence, establishing Moving Team Six as a beacon of reliability in the Phoenix moving scene. Going beyond the ordinary, the company approaches every move as a service opportunity, emphasizing continuous growth and learning. This unique perspective ensures that clients aren’t just getting a moving service; they are enlisting a team dedicated to creating a positive impact beyond the physical transportation of belongings.
Choose Moving Team Six for a moving experience that transcends expectations. Our commitment to trust, dependability, and excellence makes us the go-to choice for those seeking a moving company with a genuine focus on meaningful service. Contact Moving Team Six at 602-923-0040 and request a quote for your next move in Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area and experience the difference of a team dedicated to your satisfaction and the well-being of veterans in our community.
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"I had the team move my entire home. They are professional and highly efficient. I highly recommend them."
Peggy Reilly


The deal isnt done, until the move is done, Trust Moving Team Six to finish the mission

Our Mission

  • Established to give back to veterans through moving assistance and employment opportunities.
  • Annual fundraising efforts, supported by customers, contribute thousands of dollars to benefit veterans in Arizona.
Where our company name came from 
  • The name “Moving Team Six” pays homage to Seal Team Six, reflecting the company’s deep respect for military service.
Code of Ethics
  • Core values of honesty, faith, trust, and commitment to excellence drive the company’s success.
  • Our team understands these principles are the cornerstones of their moving service every single day.
Purposeful Driven Moving Services
  • Moving Team Six views moving not just as a logistical task but as a form of service.
  • Every move is seen as an opportunity to make a positive impact beyond the physical transportation of items.
Dedication to Clients
  • Clients choose Moving Team Six for more than just moving services; they enlist a team dedicated to excellence and truly care about your upcoming relocation.
  • Moving Team Six prioritizes trust, dependability, and a commitment to fostering a positive environment for all who call to let us serve them.
What sets us apart in the moving industry 
  • Moving Team Six goes beyond efficiency, focusing on creating a positive impact and ensuring the best outcomes.
  • Clients experience a reliable, dedicated team committed to providing a memorable and exceptional moving experience.