Moving Team Six distinguishes itself as a leading long-distance moving company, specializing in
personalized service and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their dedication to
tailoring each aspect of the long-distance moving process to meet individual needs significantly reduces
the stress often associated with cross-country relocations. They offer a variety of flexible options such as
quick pick-up, direct delivery, and storage, eliminating the common 21-day window time frames that can
cause anxiety for those planning a move across state lines.

What truly sets Moving Team Six apart is their unique practice of using the same crew for loading,
transporting, and delivering your household goods during a cross-country move. This continuity in
personnel not only ensures reliability and familiarity throughout the entire moving process but also adds
a personal touch to the service. Their team of professional long-distance movers brings a sense of
personal investment in the company, emphasizing dedication and ownership in their work. Whether it’s
a residential or commercial relocation, Moving Team Six’s commitment to a 5-star service is evident in
their daily operations, maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction and reliability. As a
licensed, bonded, and insured long-distance moving company, they offer peace of mind and security
regarding the safety of your belongings during a move to a new state. Additionally, their transparent
pricing and the absence of hidden fees reflect their commitment to building trust with customers. In
summary, Moving Team Six guarantees excellence in long-distance moving, tailored to your specific needs, with a dedicated team that ensures a smooth and stress-free transition, whether it’s cross-country or interstate.

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When you’re moving across county, state, or country lines, you can’t be bothered dealing with multiple moving companies to try and pack, transport, deliver, and unpack your boxes. Tracking your belongings will become a huge hassle at best and result in lost or damaged items in the worst cases. That’s why Moving Team Six offers a standard long-distance moving package that covers you and your belongings with door-to-door help from the same company with a reputation (and tracking services) you can trust. Our moving package is available for any size apartment or home and works for any move within the continental United States or Canada, whether you’re moving to our home base in Phoenix, leaving it behind, or something in between.


If you’re planning a long-distance move in Phoenix, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the logistics involved. After all, moving to another state is a much larger and more complex undertaking than moving to another neighborhood in your area. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced moving team on your side throughout the process of planning and carrying out your interstate move. Moving Team Six has been providing the Phoenix area with long-distance moving services for more than a decade. Our packers and movers are here to take care of the details so you can enjoy a convenient and non-stressful move.

You have enough to think about when uprooting your life from one city or state to another; you don’t need to also worry about whether all your favorite possessions will arrive intact at your new address! With the help of our long-distance moving company team in Phoenix, we’ll make moving out-of-state a positive, stress-free experience so you can enjoy the excitement involved in moving to a new city.

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"I had the team move my entire home. They are professional and highly efficient. I highly recommend them."
Peggy Reilly