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For seniors contemplating a move to Arizona or those already residing in the state, including popular retirement havens like Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Prescott, and Payson, selecting a reliable moving company is pivotal. Moving Team Six emerges as the premier solution, specializing in seamless senior relocations and ensuring a stress-free transition. Whether it’s moving to independent living, assisted living, or transitioning within the same senior community in these diverse retirement destinations, Moving Team Six provides comprehensive support.
We understand the unique needs of seniors, and that’s why Moving Team Six takes care of it all — from handling the entire moving process to providing expert assistance in packing, unpacking, and even discarding the boxes. Our commitment is to make the transition as smooth as possible, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free move and focus on what matters most — your well-deserved retirement and future health. Moving Team Six is dedicated to relieving you of the burdensome aspects of the relocation journey, ensuring that you can fully embrace the next chapter of life with ease.
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Key Considerations for Seniors Looking to Move:

Experienced and Credible Mover: Prioritize Moving Team Six for its extensive experience in handling thousands of senior moves, establishing a strong reputation within the community. The company has successfully served the senior community and numerous retired veterans in the Valley of the Sun.
  • Comprehensive Logistical Support: Look for a moving company that offers a range of logistical support, from packing to transportation, to minimize the burden on seniors making the move to or within Arizona.
  • Tailored Emotional Assistance: Choose a mover that understands the unique emotional needs of seniors, recognizing the significance of their life transition, whether they are already residing or planning to move to Arizona, Prescott, or Payson.
  • Specialized Support for New Living Spaces: Moving Team Six specializes in assisting seniors with the transition to new living spaces, providing expert support for moves to independent or assisted living arrangements.
  • Flexible Services: Moving Team Six offers flexible services, including a two-hour minimum for extra help or complete household moves, adapting to the unique needs of seniors during various stages of life’s transitions.
  • Diverse Moving Scenarios Covered:
  – From home to a senior community or smaller house.
  – From one senior community to another.
  – From one apartment to another within the same senior community.
  • Transparent Communication: Select a moving company that prioritizes transparent communication, ensuring peace of mind throughout the entire moving process. This is especially important for seniors in Arizona or those planning to move to the state, including the diverse retirement destinations.
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"I had the team move my entire home. They are professional and highly efficient. I highly recommend them."
Peggy Reilly